Our pet adoption center has a variety of dogs and cats available for adoption of all ages, breeds, sizes and colors! For more information about the adoption process or to view animals currently available for adoption, please visit our Adoption Page.

Animal Rescue
We service nineteen towns in Westchester County rescuing their stray domesticated animals. These strays make up the majority of the animals who enter our shelter. Some have simply lost their way home, others have been abandoned. Our responsibility is to provide these animals with safe refuge, medical care and an abundance of love while they are in our care and help them find new homes.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Certifiates
Low cost spay/neuter certificates can be purchased at our shelter seven days a week. The cost of the certificate varies depending upon the species and weight of your pet. For our price list, click here. When you purchase the certificate, we will provide you with a list of veterinarians who participate in the low cost spay/neuter program. Please be advised that this certificate covers the cost of the spaying/neutering of your pet and there may be additional costs associated with this procedure which vary from vet to vet. Be sure to confirm total charges with your vet prior to surgery.

Having your pet microchipped is a great, inexpensive way to ensure that he or she has permanent identification. Microchipping is included with the cost of every adoption, but is also available to the general public on a drop-in basis. The microchip fee is $45 and includes implant and registration. For more information about the benefits of microchipping, click here.

Trap, Neuter and Return
Feral cat colonies are a growing problem and the problem grows larger with each litter of kittens born into a colony. Because feral cats are not socialized with humans, they are not candidates for adoption. However, you can reduce the number of feral cats while increasing their quality of life through our Trap, Neuter and Return program. This program has shown to be the most efficient and humane way to stabilize a feral cat colony.

The cost of TNR ranges from $30-50 per cat and includes the spay/neuter procedure, rabies vaccination and ear tipping (for identification purposes). Optional vaccinations and treatments are offered for additional fees. Please note that this program is for feral cats ONLY. We will not spay/neuter privately owned pets at our shelter. If you would like more information about TNR program, please contact us!

The Trap/Neuter/Return program is supported through a grant from the Alley Cat Allies.

Humane Education
Read monthly topics regarding humane education.