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Everyone loves a happy ending! Do you have a happy tail to share? If you’ve adopted a pet from our shelter, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your happy tail to PetAdopt@verizon.net!

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Hi to all my friends at New Rochelle Humane Society!

It’s me, Mittens, but everyone calls me Mr. Big and sometimes Big Boy. It’s been three months since I went home with my new mom, and I’m living the good life! I love my older sister Juliet and I especially love to chase her around and around. I’m still loving my Cat Scratch Lounger – Juliet and I each have one of our own now ’cause Mom got tired of telling us to stop fighting over it. Thank you for taking such good care of me and never giving up on finding me my forever home. I love you all!

In 2011 I adopted my cat Ariana from your shelter, when she was just six weeks old. Look at her NOW!!! I wanted to share her with you – Roswitha


This is Mikey just saying hello after ten days in our new home. My sister Ash keeps trying to tackle me as I paw over this. I’ll chase her later, then rest my head on her butt for a nice long nap. So a big meow to every one at New Rochelle Humane for taking good care of us, and a little squeak from my silly sister. Oh here she is. Maybe we can go chew on something. Later everybody!.

We adopted Flash last week, and on the ride home we were not sure how long it would take for him to adapt to his new home. He was crying all the way; we thought that it was going to be a very long time for him to adjust. We got him upstairs, set up his food and water, and let him out. He dashed out of the carrier and went straight for the couch. It took him ten minutes to explore the apartment, one minute more for him to find the food, and about three minutes more to go MIA. We looked everywhere for him and started to panic. Until we walked by the fish tank and felt a paw tap us, as if to say “Hi! I’m here!”

From then on, he became protector of the fish tank … his new chill spot. He sits in front of the tank for hours, curled up or straight, lying stretched out against the tank. Now he splits his time between doing that and annoying his new big brother. Runs through the house, sliding all over the place. He is such a spoiled little boy, as well as his brother, whom I adopted from the Mt. Vernon animal shelter in April of 2014. It took a few days but they are getting used to each other, playing together and lying on top of their new mommy and daddy at three in the morning. He is in heaven, and such a little devil. He definitely lives up to his name, especially at night, running around so fast like a flash of lightning.

He is so happy in his new home and we are beyond happy to have adopted him. And to think, I almost passed him up because I didn’t see him at the shelter. Thank you so much for giving me my sweet lil’ man. I am beyond in love with him.

Hi NRHS – I wanted to send you a recent beautiful picture of our dear Nyles. He’s happy, has learned to play fetch with a ball, adores his days at the Rowayton dog park, and working from home with me. He is our “Director of Security”. Thank you for rescuing him, and allowing us to receive him as a member of our family – Fondly, Ann

Hi! Just wanted to let you know its been almost a year since we adopted Simba (formerly known as Squint). He’s a treasure and he loves to zoom around the house! Coming into the shelter he was so well behaved, but now he is a bit of a trouble maker and likes annoying our older cat! Thank you for finding us the purrfect cat!

October 2nd will be five years since I adopted my handsome, green-eyed boy from NRHS. He was about a year old and abandoned at the shelter while it was closed. Milo (formerly DJ) is a sweet and curious cat who loves nothing more than sitting on the windowsill and watching the world go by. And if I do not wake up early enough in the morning, he will give me a couple of light pats on my face with his paw. Plus, he sits on command!

Thank you for my sweet friend! – Michelle

Just to let you know, Cody (shelter name: Jo-Jo) is doing great in his forever home. He has a big sister named Bella (shelter name: Kourtney). They eat, sleep and play together all the time. Special thanks to Dana … We are so happy to have Cody and Bella in our family. They have made a great addition. Thanks again for all that you do for these precious animals!

Hi to all at the Society: Here is Jack (unnamed at Society) adopted on August 19, 2014. He is a complete joy and we love him; he is already a big part of our family. He loves to cuddle and will stay for hours on our laps – when he’s not charging 100+ miles per hour in the house playing with us and his toys! Thanks to all of you who took such good care of this little boy before he came home to us. We could not imagine how we ever managed without him!!

We adopted Nala about two weeks ago and she’s pretty awesome! We decided to keep the name that she was using at the Humane Society but she also is called “The Nalanator” and Noopie. She is especially cuddly in the morning and she can’t stop rolling around! She loves to get groomed and she is very talkative! My seven year-old daughter loves pulling a string around the house and watching Nala follow it. Nala enjoys being in the room wherever we are and when she is called she will always come over. Nala has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Here is a picture of Gioia, one of Emma’s ten puppies. I adopted Gioia about a month ago from the New Rochelle Humane society and she has been great so far. I had two Miniature Pinschers that died about a month apart for each other so I was mourning and I was desperate for another dog. When I went to the shelter, I immediately became attached to both Gioia and Zoe. It was difficult to decide between the two because both were very cute, but I ended up decided on Gioia because I liked her markings. Gioia’s personality is very different than my Miniature Pincher’s personality, so it’s going to take some getting used to her. I will say that she’s very intelligent (I taught her how to sit in one day) and a very affectionate dog as well. I’m so glad that I happened to be in the right place at the right time when I visited the shelter. I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog in the world.

In 2012 I lost my love of 16 years. Norman stuck by me through chemo treatments and open heart surgery, I stuck by him through nuclear thyroid treatments and diabetes shots. Alas, an infection was too much for him to fight and he slipped away. It took me many months of searching to find another cat to fill the void that Norman left in my life.

One year ago, after spending two hours with different cats in your shelter, a volunteer who was just coming on duty told me she had a stray cat just perfect for me in the back cages. She had never handed this guy before but thought we should go back and see what I thought. Boy was she right!! Not only did he look like Norman but he had exactly the same personality. This 5 year old boy looked at me and said “take me home and I promise I will fill that void”. Rascal is a joy, he’s gentle, he sleeps with me, plays with our other old guy, and loves everyone who comes into the house.

There will never be another Norman but thank you so much for the joy that Rascal brings me everyday.

Attached are two pictures the first one is Rascal the second one is Norman Bates. – Ilene

I came to adopt a dog to New Rochelle in November 2010 when Tipsy was 9 months old. 4 years later we are still the best of friends and she is the sweetest, lovable, most loyal companion. Every day we say thank you to New Rochelle for bringing us together. We make a great team! – Christine

Sugar plumLoving my home & my family…they are taking awesome care of me…my older sisters groom me everyday & play with me…my mommy brushes my teeth & keeps me clean & my daddy makes sure I’m fed.

Love, Sugar Plum

We adopted Isabella last Thursday from New Rochelle Humane Society! She’s 5 months old and a little purr machine!!! We are soooo happy with her and must thank Ashley from NR Humane Society for introducing us to our all-black kitty. Her “look” is not what we were searching for– we were looking more for a tuxedo–and we know that most people overlook all-black cats, but—thanks to NRHS staffer, Ashley, who told us what a great little kitten Bella was and encouraged us to meet her–we have the kitten of our dreams–a real “lap cat” who is also very comical, very intelligent and very playful, not to mention having the most beautiful copper colored eyes and a shiny and soft black coat! We’re so happy! Bella is a perfect fit for our family!! Thank you, Ashley!

Happy Tail for TM, now Smokey, adopted last Sunday at the dog wash event, and for Copper, formerly Cairo, adopted in April, now 7 months old.  Both Cooper and Smokey have adjusted beautifully and are getting along great with our resident cat and dog.  All four are playful and patient with each other.  We are very lucky!  However. Cooper and Smokey have become best buds and have taken to playing, eating, and sleeping together!  Thank you NRHS for helping us find our forever friends!

Just wanted to send some updated pics of SPARKY (formerly Keller)! We can’t believe it’s been over a year since he came into our lives. He is the sweetest dog we have ever owned and he and Taffy are pretty much inseparable. Thank you again for saving him from Virginia and letting us adopt him … It was meant to be! – Mary and Don

Hi from Caya! We just wanted to let you know that Caya is doing great in her new home!
She’s so good natured and well-mannered. She has bonded amazingly with canine sister,
Abby and 2 human sisters (Maya and Sophia) and is just as sweet as can be. She has
brought a lot of smiles into our home. She’s still a bit scared of unfamiliar men
but is getting more confident with each day. We’re really lucky to have the chance to
welcome her into her new pack!-Allison, Alan, Maya, Sophia, Abby and Caya

We just wanted to send you an update of our delightful Clarence. Clarence was rescued from the wheel-well of a car at two months and lived at the NRHS for about a week, where he was originally named “Saturn”. He came home with us about a year and a half ago and has been a loved and loving member of our household ever since. He a playful mischief maker by day, and a snuggly lap cat at night and we couldn’t imagine our home without him. He especially enjoys wrestling with his sister Cleveland.

We’ve enclosed a picture of him in one of his more regal poses.

Thank you so much for all you do for animals – Amy & Andy

I wanted to say thank you long ago for changing two lives. Last August, I adopted formally named Ranisha (now Lyla) a small long haired black kitten who was just so beautiful, I could not resist her loud purring. I know the stigma of black cats, but I have learned that it is only a myth, and will gladly tell others.

Lyla is the most affectionate pet I have ever had, I dare not say owned as all pet parents know who really owns who lol! She loves to play and run through the house as well as tackle and horse play with me, she even sits and actually watches TV. (She like commercials with music.) She always wraps herself around my feet or my arm when it’s bed time and I can count on being awakened by her tapping my nose with her paw (no nails) in the morning or dropping one her wet toys on me, at least she is she is willing share. I do not know why she loves water, but she does and she shares her love of water with her toys. She also loves my plants, in fact I can always find her lying in the dirt of bigger pots as if she is on vacation on a beach, she loves the view from our bay window on the 23rd floor, and she loves to watch the birds on the terrace, she finds many ways to amuse herself in my closets as well, for some reason my most expensive scarves find their way to being a throw blanket for her.

I swore I would never get another pet after having to put my other cat (China) to sleep (feline cancer) after having her for 18 years, which was totally devastating for me … funny thing is Lyla looks just like China except China was all white with long hair (Turkish Angora w/blue eyes). I will soon have Lyla for one year and I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank you again for allowing me to have such a beautiful and fun loving pet. – Lisa

Thank you so much for caring for our newest family member until we could find her. She is one of the Lab puppies born on January 1st, we have named her Nala. At 13 weeks she weighed 24 pounds. She is very vocal so she fits in perfectly with her new siblings. She became best friends with her canine sister, feline sister and feline brother right from the start. She is the perfect addition to complete our family. – Sharon

Last year we saw the most adorable kitten on your website and called … He was to be my birthday present. I had a tuxedo cat for about 22 years and he died four years previously. I could not bring myself to get another tuxedo cat for my previous one meant the world to me. Well we saw little SAKI on your website in the middle of April and called. We were told we had to wait due to him having stomach issues and needing to get a little bigger … We waited as patiently as we could till we got the call in early May that he could come home. We have had him for just about a year and he is the sweetest most affectionate, nicest cat I have ever had … He was worth every penny and worth the wait. We have three other cats ranging in ages of six months, 1-1/2 years and five years, and he fits right in the middle. He is a wonderful animal and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. – Heidi

Hi New Rochelle Humane Society, it’s me DiMaggio aka Herbie. It’s hard to believe but this month marks three years since my mommy came and took me to my furever home. I am also turning five on May 9. Boy how time flies!! Mommy and I lived in Mount Vernon for two years and then she had to move back to her home in the Virgin Islands. Because Mommy loves me more than anything, I went with her. This shelter cat flew on a plane (wasn’t so crazy about that) and now I live in sunny St. Thomas where I love to sunbathe! Mommy also adopted a dog from the St. Thomas Humane Society in March and we are slowly becoming friends.

That is my update. I hope all the staff and volunteers are well. Thanks again for taking such good care of me until my Mommy found me!

I wanted to share this photo of Kody with you all at New Rochelle Humane Society. He decided to be a good boy and sit at the table nicely waiting for his breakfast! He does very well and has adjusted perfectly for a dog with only three legs. – Dale

We always celebrate Ginger’s birthday on Feb. 19th (she gets gifts and cake) and she loves to run in the snow. She has her sweaters for the season! We cannot think of living without her. She is quite photogenic, don’t you think? – Maria

I have attached pictures of Cooper (formerly Cairo), sleeping peacefully right next to Zoe, and it’s only the second day! The other picture is of Emma and Cooper who seem to be inseparable already. Cooper is the most mellow, sweet, loving little guy. He has already gotten the hang of walking on a leash, and has yet to have one accident! He is even close to mastering sit! Clearly he is a genius :) . We are all completely over the moon with him, and can’t thank you enough for helping us through the process, and for spending so much time with us as we made our decision. We look forward to coming back there soon for some of the training/socializing programs you offer.

Hi, New Rochelle Humane Society — It’s been a long time since we’ve sent you an update. I don’t know if you remember these two girls, Mae and Aya, but we got them from you in Nov. 2011 when they were six months old. They are now 3-1/2 years old. This past October, they got a new little sister, Hana. Best of everything to you! – Catherine, Wesley, Mae, Aya and Hana

I adopted Miley almost two years ago. I didn’t realize how much energy he had until I got him home. He has been a joy to me and my other cat. My other cat passed away in July 2013 and I plan on adopting a new playmate for Miley from NRHS.

Thought you might like an update on how Chance is doing. He is, as we all said, a complete ball of fluff and love. Manners are definitely not his strong point and he tries to grab anything he can but every day he is getting a little better, he is really just a very big puppy. We learned the hard way that he likes bright colors, my oldest son needs a new jacket! Not too many accidents so far as we work out when he is telling us he needs to go outside …. Definitely a long project but just seeing him settling in and happy is great. He is loving the space up in Pound Ridge and is slowly starting to heel when walking, though anything interesting and he is tugging away at his leash. We love him very much already and just wanted to say thank you for rescuing him and letting us adopt him – Mark and Family

We adopted Pookie (formerly known as Becky) four days ago and already have seen a huge positive change in her. She is a sweet, affectionate dog and her energy increases each day as I’m sure she’s feeling more loved and comfortable in her new home. She is quick to learn and absolutely loves going on walks. She’s a great dog and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks, New Rochelle Humane Society!! – Emily

Bella the tabby was adopted in January 2009. She is the sister of two other rescue cats and Bentley, a Papillon pup. She enjoys sleeping with Bentley and giving him endless baths with her tongue. They are inseparable! Thanks New Rochelle Humane Society for all you do to save our furry friends! – Stephanie

Hi there, we adopted from your shelter last July. We had lost our beloved British Shorthair of 14 years, and decided that this time around we wanted to rescue a cat from a shelter. We visited four shelters in one day seeing all different kinds of cats. Many were stunningly beautiful, but weren’t quite the right fit for what we were used to. New Rochelle was our last stop after a long day, and after playing with some of the cats in the open room, we asked if we could see some in the back. There in one of the cages was a cat named Nu-nu, who had just recently been rescued and had been living under a house for several years. His coat was salt-and-pepper colored and all patchy from having flea treatments, and he definitely was not the prettiest of the bunch. But as soon as he came out of his cage, he rubbed against my legs and wanted nothing more than to be pet. We hadn’t met one other cat the entire day who was so loving right away. When I picked him up, he rubbed his face right into mine for kisses. I knew he was a sweetheart! We adopted him and renamed him P.W. After getting a bath (and the vet commented on what a great boy he was during the process!), we discovered that his coat was snow white! Seven months later, he has completely settled in, has filled out and loves his new family so much that he won’t stop following everyone around and begging to be picked up. He also loves laying in laps and kneading :) I’m hoping to get him a brother or sister in the future! – Kate

On New Years Eve, I adopted “Nate.” He was renamed Walter when we got home. He’s been with me just over a month and he is doing excellent! He’s so affectionate, eats like a horse, has the loudest purr, and loves his new big brother Simon. They run around and play together all day long. He’s happy and healthy, and I just wanted to share some pictures with you. He is the fourth cat that I’ve adopted from you in the past 16 years. They have all been the most wonderful animals anyone could ever ask for. Thank you thank you so much! – Best, Jen, Simon, and Walter

Hello! Do you remember a cat called Simon? We adopted him about a year ago and he is so happy with us! He loves playing and then he curls up with us at the end of the day. We are so happy we adopted him because he has made us so happy!

Do you remember Sugar Plum? We adopted her on December 27th. She has become our baby filled with lots of love. She now owns the house and the love/trust she shows us is endless. She is our baby. Thanks!!! – Katerina

Hi – We wanted (as promised ) to share some pictures of our cats which we adopted from you a few months ago. They are the most lovely cats we have ever had and are stuck to our kids almost like dogs! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be with them. – Osian, Zoe, Hilda and Georges

A big hello to the wonderful people at New Rochelle Humane Society! We wanted to give you an update on the newest member of our family … Roscoe! He is doing great and had no problems settling into our home. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our house. He is such a sweet boy, with a wonderful personality. We still can’t believe he was in the shelter for as long as he was … We can only think that he was waiting for us to come along. Many thanks for all you do everyday to help find homes for the rescue cats and dogs – Kathleen, Joel and Roscoe

Hi: We adopted Brodie from NRHS in February of 2013. His name then was Patch and he was there with his brother. Well, here is a picture of Brodie before, on the day we brought him home, and Brodie after, taken on December 18. He’s a great dog and he’s such a happy guy! We have him in Nose Work Training classes at the Port Chester Obedience School and he’s tops in his class! Thanks for bringing him from Ohio so that he could find his way into our home! – Anne

I wanted to write to NRHS with an update on Robyn. Since adopting her in August, she has been nothing but an absolute joy in my life. I knew when I saw her picture on Petfinder that she was special, and wow was my gut right! I snuck away from work on a Friday to meet her, and when I picked her up on Sunday, it was like she knew she was going home. I still can’t believe we’ve only been together five months, it feels like years already! She’s very responsive to training, and very birdy!! She loves hiking and running wild in the woods, but not as much as she loves attention and cuddling! Also, with a exercise and diet program, Robyn has lost 12 pounds, and surprise..there was a purebred English Setter hiding under all that blubber! Thank you so much guys, Robyn and I could not be happier!!!! – Paul

PS – The enclosed picture of Robyn with her standing up looking out the window … was the day that the ducks arrived at the river across from my condo!

Hi, just dropping a line to let you know how happy I am in my new home!! ;-) Love, Savannah